Lead Pastor Transition

Almost seven years ago I opened my eyes to discover I was lying in a hospital bed. I was just thankful to be alive. I had just suffered a heart attack. I was 50 years old and my world stopped. It flipped upside down. Wow! As I recovered I realized we needed a succession plan! I initially had some thoughts, but they didn’t turn out like I had planned.

In 2014, Pastor Steven told me he wanted to plant a church. He went through Anthem’s process of planting churches through our connection with the ARC 1.0 and 2.0. He and the director were talking about cities and it was a go! He was approved by ARC and just had the marriage counseling step to go... and he stopped. He met with me. And he told me he changed his mind. He was told by God to stay right here. That this was his home. That he would commit completely to me and to Anthem. That I could count on him. Steven has stepped up and accomplished much since then! He has built a great leadership team, the youth and junior high, filling in for me during my sabbatical, leading series… doing many of the things lead pastors do and doing it extraordinarily.

In August 2015, Pastor Steven and I had a heart to heart about him possibly leading this church in the future and I had a sense that God was showing me Steven could lead this church one day. I have come to a place beyond any shadow of a doubt that God wants his church (Anthem) to begin a very intentional transitional strategy planning effort where Pastor Steven would become lead pastor over the next few months. I discussed this with Steven this week and we generally discussed this at the board meeting on Wednesday night. Everyone is excited about the potential! I believe the timing is perfect.

I will not be going anywhere! I am going to be continuing on as the executive director of Anthem and chairman of the board. I will be working on different projects that are essential to the future of Anthem as well as ongoing mentoring and development of Steven and other gifted leaders in our congregation. I will tell you me, our Board, and our staff will put all of our energy into this and we will trust God to lead us. 

So as you might be thinking, 2016 is going to be an exciting and great year for Anthem Church and for the kingdom of God. God is an amazing God and He has awesome plans for His church. Again, I ask you to pray for us in this transition in the weeks and months ahead. We trust God’s hand will lead this transition and that the journey will be full of joy, high expectations and the favor of God. This is so exciting! Praise to God! He is good!

Pastor Brad Makowski