Pastoral Update

Hi there my friend!

I am sure that most of you by now have heard that I had to go through another minor heart procedure due to the increasing build up of plaque in my arteries. It seems that my genes, (thank you ancestors) have given me the “wonderful” predisposition for this condition and I am quite sure that the years of unabated French fry and Blizzard consumption in my earlier years didn’t help the issue either! LOL! 

However, I am grateful for the grace of God and today’s medical wisdom along with a very strict wife… the combination of which I truly believe will give me many more years to enjoy the wonders of this life and the world that God has given me the great blessing of being a small part.

That world includes you and so I want to thank you for your prayers as I recover. I am using the recovery time to be quiet, to listen and to write.  I have felt in recent months the urge to record some of the ministry memories and truths I have learned along the way in a book. I have wanted also to write a book on the foundations of a successful marriage, as well as a manual of ministry wisdom for Steven as God equips him for his new position as Lead pastor of Anthem. 

I would like to ask you as a favor to stir your heart for the house of God. Make attendance on Sunday to one of the services a high priority! Support the work of God! Find your place to serve and build! Love your church remembering it was Jesus who said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” Listen, when you are committed to building His church, you are letting Jesus work through you!  His power, His anointing and His wisdom will fill you and give you grace to accomplish His great purpose! 

I am looking forward to returning soon.  Keep me in your prayers and may the riches of God fill your life beyond your wildest dreams for God’s glory and your good!  

Love you,


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