Day 21 // John 21

"Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written." - John 21:25

This is the last verse in John’s gospel and you can sense his mixed feelings about winding things down. For 21 chapters, he’s written about Jesus’ life and ministry and the unique friendship he’s experienced with him. But he doesn’t want us to think it can all be summed up in 21 chapters. So this is the last thing he writes: 

Jesus also did many other things. 

Over the past 21 days, we’ve walked together through John’s gospel. We’ve heard the voice of God speaking through the person of Jesus. We’ve seen the miracles, heard truth, and been invited to trust the God more deeply. We’ve been challenged to stretch our faith and believe for more. 

Someday you and I are going to reach the last sentence of our lives. And leading up to that, we’ll likely have a chance to tell family members, friends, children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren how good God has been to us. We’ll tell them that as we trusted him, he blessed us; as we reached out to him, he gave us many second chances; as we said “yes” to radical generosity, “yes” to loving and serving well, even in the midst of our own needs and giving even when it didn’t make sense - God shaped our story for his glory; as we gave our lives to follow Jesus, we found our lives again in Him. And I hope this is the very last thing we have to say: “Jesus also did many other things.” 

Your story isn’t finished yet though. To experience the “many other things” Jesus wants to do means positioning yourself for him to work in your life. Where have you been hiding in shame instead of running to his grace? Where have you become self-absorbed instead of spiritually submitted? What distractions could be leading you away from his best? What false perceptions have kept you from planting your roots deep in the house? What is he leading you to do right now? What is he calling you to give up so he can give you something that’s worth so much more? 

What miracles are just waiting on you to step up and play your part? Stroll out onto the stage with me! Let’s give our lives fully to the cause of Jesus and the community of faith he’s connected us with – so that when we’re done, the last thing we have to say is: Jesus also did many other things. 


Jesus, do as many things in and with my life as you want. I want to see your best. I want to play my part in your miracles.” 

Next Step

Anthem Church has risen to the call to make a difference in our community. We’re deciding that instead of settling for what Jesus has already done among us, we’re going to partner with him to see lives and communities transformed. This has to be done together. As a church family. Will you be a part of making a difference? It will mean praying, serving, and giving like never before. To find out how you can be a part of Jesus doing “many other things” at Anthem CLICK HERE. We can do this – if we all play our part.