Day 12 // John 12

"Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance." - John 12:3

What would you consider your most valuable possession? Maybe it’s a car, a family heirloom, a computer, or a house. We all have things that we value and take great care to keep. In the beginning of John 12, we see the thing Mary considered precious — a bottle of expensive perfume. This perfume was not just a fragrance to Mary. It was worth nearly a year’s wages. Mary wasn’t just saving this perfume for a special day. This bottle was her financial security.

In an act of worship, Mary poured her perfume onto Jesus’ feet. She knelt to the ground and washed His feet, ignoring the opinions of others. Mary gave radically. She gave not knowing if she’d be able to live through the day, but trusting Jesus anyway. She gave with such extravagance that the disciples told her she’d given too much.

To put Mary’s situation in today’s terms, it would be like going to church next Sunday, feeling called to give, and writing a check for your entire year’s salary! Yet, this is the same way God gave to us. He gave His best when He gave us Jesus. God not only calls us to radical faith, He calls us to radical giving.


Jesus, I don’t want to love my life as much as I love you. So whatever I’ve been treating as though it matters more than serving you, I let it go. I let go of and trust you to guide me while I focus on following you. I let go of my money – instead of worrying about or worshiping it, I release it all to your service and believe you to provide for my needs. I let go of my health and plans for success and my job and education, not because I don’t want to prosper but because your plans for all of that are better than mine. I want to keep my life forever so I let go of it for now.” 

Next Step

One of the things people worry about the most is money. When that sets in, the only way to break the spell of materialism is to give, above and beyond your first (tithes). If you’ve been loving money lately, give some away – you can lead your heart towards generosity. It’s a good way to let go of what you have; and ultimately end up with so much more. CLICK HERE to listen to, "The Heart of Blessing" a message on stepping into "The Blessed Life" by Pastor Steven.