Day 16 // John 16

“There is so much more I want to tell you, but you can’t bear it now." - John 16:12

My oldest child turned 5 this year – which means she’s headed for high school. Well, in my mind. I mean, her turning 5 really does brings to the surface all kinds of stuff she needs to start thinking about, right? What will her first job be? I mean come on, I had mine by 10, so she’s gonna have to get ready real quick. She’s playing outside now with the neighbors’ kids, so I’m thinking: what are the boundaries for the kinds of friends she’ll make and keep over the next few years? How about the kinds of boys she’ll consider dating? GASP. Where will she go to college? How will we pay for it? And what will her major be? 

As you can imagine, these thoughts began the moment I held her in my arms for the first time. There’s has been so much I’ve wanted to tell her. 

But, obviously she couldn’t handle all of that yet. 

Have you ever wished God would just give us more information, direction, spelling out plainly where to go and what to do with our lives? Have you ever wondered why he doesn’t make it all clearer? 

What if there’s so much more he wants to tell us? What if his mind really is filled with plans, purposes, hopes and help for us? 

But what if we just can’t handle it all yet? What if we have some growing up to do before we hear more of his voice, experience more of his guidance, and find more of his favor? If that’s the case, I want to do whatever it takes to be able to handle more.

Don’t you?


Jesus, I’m assuming you have more you want to tell me and show me – more about my life and what’s in store. And I’m sure there are things you don’t want to tell me. And I’m ok with that. Lord, help me make room for more, by submitting to the Holy Spirit, by yielding to you as you shape and mature me, until I can handle all that you have.” 

Next Step

As your pastor, can I pray for you? Send your request or need (whatever you’re praying for God to help you make room for more in your life), and I will personally pray for you. I want you to get all God has for you in this season of your life!