Anthem Event Rentals


The Anthem facilities are a great local venue for all types of gatherings. Whether holding a conference or group meeting, special, formal, or banquet event, or need an activity space, Anthem has what you need.



Step 1: If you would like to rent the Anthem facilities, please read through the Rental Guidelines and fill out the Rental Application (below)

Step 2: IF date/event is APPROVED and we can accommodate your rental request needs, then you’ll be sent a Rental Contract for your event. Once the signed Rental Contract is turned in and Security Deposit is paid, then your event date will be reserved.

Step 3: 60 days prior to event - Submit 50% payment of total rental fees, and any required paperwork as necessary. 

Step 4: 30 days prior to event - Submit final payment of total rental fees in full.

Step 5: Have a great Event!


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For more info, contact us at:

phone: 971-274-2235
by appointment: Mon-Thurs, 9am-4pm