What is "Saturday in the City"?

As a part of The Love Initiative for 2017, we have committed to serve our partner organizations the 1st Saturday of the month, Feb. – Dec. in 2017 from 9am-12pm. (Fairview Serve Project and Reynolds will be quarterly/as the needs arise)


What is "The Love Initiative"?

The Love Initiative was birthed through a desire to make a difference in our community. Fulfilling the commandment of Jesus Christ to “love your neighbor as yourself” is at the heart of this movement. Our goal is to promote unified community concern, and to form relationships that can have a lasting impact even after this year is over. Our desire is to saturate our community with love communicated through acts of service and compassion. We believe that serving the needs of the disenfranchised of our community only happens when hearts are moved with compassion, and that action will always triumph intention. 


Who are our partners?