Anthem Church has partners around the world and provides financial support as part of the churches monthly tithes.  If you would like to support any of these ministries, you can make your donation online, by calling the church (971) 274-2241, or putting it in the offering during one of the services.


We are an association of relational churches working with church planters, church leaders, and churches in transition to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches. While we recognize and celebrate the unique aspects of every church plant, ARC is committed to supporting your success in four foundational ways: 1) we help you start strong 2) we reach the unchurched 3) we build relationships 4) we support financially.

Living Word Ministries International in Tucson, Arizona conducts a bible school and oversees an evangelism-church planting team which has planted and constructed 115 churches across the nation of Thailand.


The Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Course is a three-part comprehensive business discipleship curriculum for Christian business owners and individuals desiring to start and operate a business based on biblical principles.  It provides a strong mix of core business concepts and biblical principles.  The courses offered include Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE I), Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE II), and Planning a Biblically-based Business (BE III).